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The Dream 100 Concept – a winning marketing strategy [Video]

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The Dream 100 Concept is a very simple, yet highly effective marketing strategy.

dream 100 concept ultimate sales machineThe Dream 100 Concept was first proposed by Chet Holmes in his classic sales and marketing book – The Ultimate Sales Machine. (This book I recommend to all my clients as an essential read).

These days most marketing strategies rely on advertising to generate leads – so you buy Google Adwords clicks or Facebook adverts. This brings in leads of varying qualities, but at a cost. These leads then need following up and you eventually convert a proportion of them.

The Deam 100 Concept is different. So the broad idea is that you identify your top 100 clients that you would like to win. It could be sales, it could be influencers/affiliates (who could put you in contact with your ideal prospects), it could be JV partners, it could even be geographical regions.

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