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The DNA of Effective Marketing [Video]

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Content is a powerful tool, especially when paired with marketing automation (MA). There are hundreds of MA platforms, and the ten most popular boast over 83,000 clients.

The MA experts at SharpSpring shared that they see many businesses don’t use the tool to its fullest potential. They either don’t know how to use the functions, or how to properly integrate it with content marketing practices.

At Brandpoint, we help businesses create content that fuels their MA practices. In partnership with SharpSpring, Brandpoint president Scott Severson recently presented a webinar on how to avoid the most common MA pitfalls to ensure a more effective MA strategy.


[Scott Severson, Brandpoint President] We’re here today to talk about the DNA of effective marketing. We believe that the marriage of content and marketing automation is at that core of the DNA of effective marketing today. We know we’re not the only ones that think like this because marketing automation is exploding right now. As of …

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