The Definitive Guide to Ecommerce Website Architecture [Video]

Ecommerce site architecture is one of the most crucial aspects if a company is to make a success of things online. Ecommerce sites have absolutely no hope of reaching their potential through SEO if the site is hard to navigate, difficult to buy from and suffering from something of an organisational crisis.

Getting the architecture right as a whole is a necessary evil. Think of it in terms of a house: if the foundations are weak and flimsy, the whole thing will eventually crumble and come crashing down around your ears.

And, who wants that – especially when livelihoods are dependent upon it?

Let’s use a supermarket analogy, if a store is an absolute mess with products littered around in no logical order, the store won’t be functioning for too long. The same applies to your website; if it’s a mess, the search engines won’t want to come to you. If it takes too long to find what they’re looking for and they’ll move on to a sleeker, better-looking store.

This will …

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