The changing shape of the ecommerce landscape [Video]

Ed Bussey, Chief Solutions Officer and Matt Wurst, VP Client Management, Jellyfish 

The retail world is undergoing a paradigm shift, with the way people shop online fundamentally changing. Search engines, marketplaces such as Amazon and social networks such as Facebook are increasingly providing shopping alternatives to traditional ecommerce sites. In time these platforms will be the dominant drivers of online commerce. 

The key to winning is content. Content has always been king, and in this world of fragmented and decentralised commerce its value is even more acute. A brand’s content is increasingly its sole means of connecting with consumers across this ever-growing list of channels and platforms.  

The challenge 

What passed for a respectable ecommerce strategy a few years ago is no longer going to deliver the desired results, as consumers move to platforms where brands have less control over their customer relationships and data.  

To avoid losing market share, brands must establish …

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