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THE BOJA – Learn UI Design, Fight Aliens (Trailer) [Video]

THE BOJA – Learn UI Design, Fight Aliens (Trailer)

Episode 2: – The year’s 2083 and Jon Frok is tasked with building an advanced UI to help defeat an aggressive aliens species: The Boja. The problem? Frok isn’t a designer. Intrigued? Your response in the comments below will determine if this series happens!

These would be released as bite sized episodes that occur over the span of the next 2 years, with perhaps 1 to 2 episodes released per month. Each episode would include learning some topic of UI design, music, snakes, and other shenanigans.

Special thanks to Cyberoptics for the track I solo’d over. It’s called “Vice City Vengeance”
Track located here:

Also special thanks to Tarot Blood for the intro and outro track, which I heavily modified to make it sound like it’s coming from an old stereo. The track is called “Dowsing”:

#ui #aliens #snakes

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