The Beginner’s Guide to Smartphone Product Photography for Shopify Stores [Video]

In times when just about every brand is going online, your brand’s perceived value is judged based on the quality of how you present your products. It’s no longer about the deals and discounts, but also how good your products look because if there’s one thing that a consumer cannot do right now, it is – not being able to get a physical look and feel of the product. 

75% of online shoppers rely on product photos when making a purchase decision. 

Now if you’re wondering how you could possibly get professional product photography done, fret not. 

All you need is your smartphone! 

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through why you need great product photos, how to make your product photography attention-grabbing and some tried and tested at-home product photography tips. All using your smartphone. 

Let’s first start with the equipment you need for at-home product photography, even if you're using a smartphone. 

5 Things You Need for at-home Smartphone Product Photography

1. Smartphone (or a camera)

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