The AZ guide to crafting a WFH policy (with a free template)

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The future of work is not just coming, it’s galloping towards us at lightning speed.

Microsoft. Shopify. Facebook. Google. Twitter. Amazon 1, 2 — even real estate company Zillow.3 In the new normal, everyone’s going remote, whether it’s for a couple of months or forever.

Thanks to COVID-19, almost 90% of businesses have either encouraged or required their employees to work remotely.4

But many businesses are less than prepared for it.

According to a survey by Upwork, only about 64% of hiring managers feel that their company has the resources and processes in place to support a remote workforce.5

Not to mention all the concerns about data security, accountability, and productivity.

What’s a little concerning is that the same Upwork study found that 57% of companies lacked a remote work policy.

Times are uncertain. Whether it’s a temporary measure or a permanent one, a work from home (WFH) policy is the bare minimum required to keep your business’ productivity and accountability …

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