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The Art of Influencer Marketing For Solopreneurs and Small Business [Video]

28% of marketers report that influencer marketing is the fastest growing customer acquisition method. We’ll get into why in a bit…

But does it work for solopreneurs and small business?


And it can be done for free, or by using low-cost tools.

This article focuses on businesses that don’t have big budgets for marketing but are prepared to put in the work to find real influencers who will believe in their products and services and get excited about a potential partnership to help your business grow.

What is influencer marketing?

Word of mouth marketing has always been the most powerful form of marketing, from the minute people started selling stuff way back when, and it still stands true today.

In online marketing, influencer marketing is based on the fact that consumers trust other consumers more than they trust brands.

It makes sense because the average online user is exposed to about 3000 brand messages every day. It’s too much.

And …

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Social Media Marketing

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