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The 8 C’s To Build a Web 3.0 NFT Community [Video]

The 8 C’s To Build a Web 3.0 NFT Community

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Let’s be honest, what we thought were strong NFT project communities over the last 18 months were just group chat hubs full of positive, optimistic energy manifesting a feeling of community.

If the content was a key pillar in NFT Project community building would we shift our focus towards conversations around content vs random discord noise & group chat?

I believe part of the reason Web 3.0 and NFT communities have really fell apart over the last 4 months is less about the crypto market and more about the limitations of Discord & Twitter not forcing us as NFT holders or project founders to invest in the key pillars of community building.

In this episode, I share my 8 C’s of Web 3.0 community and although you might guess what the 8 C words are, it’s essential to listen to why the order of these 8 is important and how in the context of community, the value of each might have you shaking your head.

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Big shoutout to 90s Babe NFT for selling out their NFT collection last night. We had co-founder Danielle Petty on the podcast a little while back and their 7-month slow-burn commitment is beyond inspiring and one we will look back on years from now as the blueprint all NFT projects must prepare for!


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