The 10 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video that Bombed at the Box Office

A second wave of new COVID-19 cases is sweeping the country, but business appears to be stabilizing in certain regards. Amazon stock has jumped nearly 10 percent over the last month alone. The boost has further spurred rumors that the retail and tech giant may be expanding its entertainment division by swooping in on the vulnerable AMC movie theater chain, the largest in America. But Amazon doesn’t need AMC.

Amazon Prime Video already houses an impressive collection of films and is arguably the best bang-for-your-buck streaming servicealongside Netflix. Perhaps what is most appealing about the platform’s library is its extensive roster of underrated and overlooked films that suffered from poor box office runs. A financial struggle can drape an unfairly earned bad reputation around a film and with exhibitor revenue splits (50 percent domestic, 25 percent overseas) and extensive marketing costs, it’s harder than ever to turn a profit these days. So, for your …

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