Terrified Amazon driver vaults fence to escape 13-stone dog – only to realize it wants to be friends [Video]

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A terrified Amazon delivery driver had to leap over a customer's fence in California to escape a dog – before he realized the 13-stone giant just wanted to say hello.

The hilarious moment happened as the Amazon driver pulled up to Allan and Meredith Anderson's house in Temecula and did not take much notice of the beware of the dog notice on the gate.

CCTV footage from September 10 shows the worker strolling carefree up towards the front door.

He suddenly sprints back into view before vaulting the perimeter fence of the house like an Olympic hurdler. 

Close behind him is Winston, an English mastiff weighing 180lbs, who runs up to the fence before he halts and wags his tail. 

The three-year-old dog turns away from the fence and, in the video, the driver can be seen smiling widely while catching his breath. 

Now clearly comfortable that Winston has got nothing …

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