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Ten Creepy AI Tools for Aviation Marketing Aviation Business Consultants [Video]

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“Oh, my goodness. That’s terrifying. Where do I sign up?  I absolutely want this!”

Paula’s reaction to one of these AI marketing tools. (Actually, to several of them, to be honest.)

AI, or artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other “creepy” technology has changed the way we do many things in our daily life.

They also change the way we do marketing!

Some of these tools we’ve used for years, others we discovered for the first time researching this episode. And we’re glad we did!

Paula Williams: Welcome to this week’s episode. I’m Paula Williams.

John Williams: I’m John Williams.

Paula: And we are ABCI, and ABCI’s mission is:

John: To help all you ladies and gentlemen out there in the aviation world sell more of your products and services.

Paula: Absolutely. This week we’re talking about 10 creepy AI and or machine learning tools for Aviation Marketing and Sales.

John: Yeah.

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Serviceplan Hamburg Reveals Inaugural Pan-European Brand Campaign for LG Electronics Marketing Communication News [Video]

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