TECH REPORT: Amazon/JCPenney deal in works [Video]

Closes dozens of offices.

Jane king is in new york with those stories and more in today's tech report.

Uber announced thousands more layoffs.

The company said it was laying off 3,000 workers and shuttering or consolidating 40 offices across the globe, including a large office in san francisco that would be absorbed by a new headquarters.

Combined with earlier cuts of 3,700 employees this month, the latest layoff means uber has trimmed its workforce by 25 percent since the coronavirus outbreak.

******* amazon and bankrupt j.c.

Penney are reportedly in talks over some type of deal, according to women's wear daily.

The report says it has a lot to do with amazon eager to expand its apparel business.

Jcpenney filed for bankruptcy friday.

******* tiktok has tapped a former disney executive as its new ceo.

Kevin mayer, who was passed over for the top job at walt disneyis becoming chief executive of tiktok, in a jump from one of the entertainment industry's most …

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