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Team collaboration in the Webflow Designer [Video]

Team collaboration in the Webflow Designer

Now, you can work collaboratively with your team in the Webflow Designer and take turns editing content and designing styles and layouts with an easy handover process for full control of the project. 

Multiple teammates can edit content while one person designs and builds out the site structure. To keep the design process fluid, you can also hand off design control between your teammates and see in real-time where other people are working within your project.  

Note: These features are available for full members of team account plans only. Collaborators with Editor access only are not able to enter the Designer.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:
00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Collaborate together in the Designer
02:55 – Hand over design control (or choose not to)
04:20 – See others in the project

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