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Teachable Tutorial: Create and sell online courses and coaching [Video]

Teachable Tutorial: Create and sell online courses and coaching

Teachable complete tutorial for beginners. Easily create an online course or coaching business with our powerful yet simple all-in-one platform Teachable. This course walks you through building your own online course website with Teachable. Teach the way you want to learn.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this training:

00:00 Sell Your Expertise With Teachable
00:05 Course Overview
01:34 Pricing And Account Opening For Teachable
03:05 Initial Entry Into Your School
04:37 Teachable Instructor Basic Settings
07:08 Teachable Site Image Customizations
09:43 Site Settings: Domains
13:14 Site Settings: Pages
16:08 Site Settings: Advanced Elements
18:46 Users Settings
20:02 School Sales and Email Settings
24:06 School General Settings
27:37 School Blog Settings and Set Up
30:52 School General Settings
34:46 The Courses Tab
37:32 Adding to Lectures in the Course
49:56 Course Elements: Information Section
57:08 Course Elements: Pages
1:03:03 Course Elements: Checkout Page
1:05:43 Course Elements: Checkout Page
1:07:59 Course Elements: Certificates
1:09:07 Conclusion and Important Final Elements
1:11:00 Setting Up Coaching
1:21:45 Multiple Courses Bundles (One Price)
1:44:59 Group Coaching
1:57:21 Adding Buyers To Your Email List
2:04:01 Connecting to A Shopping Cart
2:08:37 Starting A Community or Blog

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