Tamper-proof takeaway food packaging demand has spiked due to Covid-19 [Video]

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Consumers want to ensure takeaways are not interfered with en route to their homes during delivery, says packing CEO Bruce Strong.

Covid-9 lockdown has led to more and more people shopping online.

With the rise in e-commerce, we thought we'd set out to find out if there has been a boom

in demand for cardboard boxes and packaging as a result.

The boom in online sales and deliveries has increased demand for cardboard boxes Bruce Strong, CEO of Mpact, the largest paper and plastics packaging business and recycler in southern Africa, tells Refilwe Moloto.

There have been a number of changes in the packaging market since the Covid-19 lockdown, he says.

More South Africans are gravitating towards e-commerce.

But this comes off a very low base in South Africa.

Bruce Strong, CEO – Mpact

It does seem to have sped up a local appetite for online shopping.

Many people have moved 1 or 3 years earlier than they would have down the …

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