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Takefusa – Music Portfolio for DJs with Bootstrap HTML Website Template by Niheba [Video]

Takefusa – Music Portfolio for DJs with Bootstrap HTML Website Template by Niheba

This portfolio website template, was made for artists especially for passionate DJs, it contains three languages (English, Spanish and France), You can add, delete and edit all information you see in the page. This website was made with Bootstrap (5.0) and Fullpage.js a popular framework for create awesome parallax templates. Scroll down will show you a new page, other and other time. The website was made with a responsive design, compatible with the most of browsers and with a modern design based on DJ party. now a list with incluided things that the website has:

Your name of title in the top of the page.
First page that presents his famous phrase.
Change the lenguage of all website (English, spanish and France)
The posibility of incluided more than 3 languages.
Description about your job/history.
Short video with sound showing a pieze of your job.
Short labels with bit information about your social networks and redirecting to your. (Instagram, Twitter, etc…)
Contact form for a party, job, etc… contains Name, email and message, and right image (Can by your or pieze of your job).
Successful contact page.
This website was made by Niheba, a group of professional web developers, you can contact us in , for help, you don’t understand something, etc… Thanks for your time.

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