Business Ideas in Hong Kong | eCommerce or Online Store? Yoga Instructor or Trainer [Video]

Business ideas for Hong Kong companies, startups and entrepreneurs. Store or eCommerceMany physical local stores such as Watsons, Sasa, Wellcome, ParknShop, and more, are in Hong Kong’s streets.HK residents also purchase online through eCommerce websites including Taobao, Amazon, eBay, HKTVmall and more.You can launch and run an eCommerce website and sell products that you have sourced from Mainland China’s factories to Hong Kong residents.You may need a website development agency to develop and design your eCommerce website.Or you can use a ready-to-launch eCommerce website CMS, such as WordPress or Shopify.Yoga Instructor or TrainerAn experienced or yoga trainer can sell workshops and courses online through a website.Get an experienced web developer or web development team to build the website.Other business ideas in HK:Sourcing AgentManufacturingTravel AgencyWebsite DevelopmentApp DevelopmentMarketing AgencyOnline Store or eCommerceTranslation AgencyYoga Instructor or TrainerWebsite: info@diy-hongkongcompany.comView all plans: HK company registration online:


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