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What is the PAS Framework and How to Use it to Improve Cold Emails? (with Free Cold Email Template) [Video]

What is the PAS Framework and How to Use it to Improve Cold Emails? (with Free Cold Email Template)This is a sponsored video by ➡️ ⬅️ Get 30% OFF the first month using code: COLDEMAILEnjoy 30% off your MailRush Account with the promo code: COLDEMAILWant to learn how to grow or start your company and earn 10X more? Hop on in at ➡️ ⬅️Get the PAS Framework Cold Email Script at: the Subject Lines at: the Cold Email Optimization Checklist for free here: to CrazyMoney:’s a framework that is going to massively increase your wealth. Can you tell I’m too hyped? I’m too hyped. This is a framework called Problem-Agitate-Solution. It’s a standard copywriting framework. Let’s go over it today and I can show you how to use it to increase your cold email revenue. I also want to write a cold email script using this. So if you stick around until the end, I will give you a download and you can download the script and use it for your business. If you want all of our scripts, of course, you can always go to, and inside the course, you can have access to every script, both released publicly and unreleased.So if you’ve been watching the channel for a while, you might’ve seen me show the two pain point email, which is an email that kind of follows the problem agitate solution framework. The reason why it worked so well is we were in this email, we were showing our potential customer that we have seen their problems before and solve them and we’re the right people to do it. Problem Agitate Solution, identify a problem, agitate it, shake them up, and solve it. Or at least show that you have the solution and they can have it too if they just book a call with you and or buy your service. It all starts with identifying what the problem is that you’re solving for our client.In our two pain point email, the reason why we were able to come up with a pain point in the first place is because we were selling lead generation services to digital agencies. It’s still something we offer at But by niching down to agencies specifically, we were able to identify what their pain points were and then come up with solutions for those, and then do the PAS email.”Increase sales and turn prospects into customers with MailRush Cold Email automation. With MailRush you can prospect, validate emails, design follow-up sequences, and increase email engagement while building a solid reputation. Get the PREMIUM plan for dedicated IP accounts, and we will include a one-month FREE email warmup service.”0:00 What Exactly is the PAS framework?1:16 How does PAS Work?1:55 How to Implement the PAS framework?4:13 Writing Cold Email using PASMake your own Chatbot with Botfuse at: ➡️ ⬅️–/// R E S O U R C E SSTART OR GROW YOUR BUSINESS: https://email10k.comHave us grow your business: https://x27marketing.comFREE DOWNLOADS: #ColdEmail #Email10k​/// MORE FROM ALEXSubscribe for more content like this:


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