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Affordable, Customer Centric, Managed WordPress Web Hosting in 2021 with Cloudways – Ep. 318 LMScast [Video]

Find out more at’re joined by Moeez from Cloudways in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. Chris and Moeez get into what makes Cloudways a good host for online course websites, and some distinguishing factors from competitors when it comes to websites that serve dynamic content with many concurrent users.Every website owner needs a host, but not every website owner understands the entire hosting process. So Cloudways was made for people who want to relieve the burden of hosting their websites and letting Cloudways manage those things for them. The main distinction between Cloudways and other website hosts is Cloudways’ customer centric approach that helps them simplify the entire hosting process.Features on Cloudways are built through a lot of research, and a lot of data gets studied and analyzed behind the scenes before a feature is taken live on the platform or in their product. Feedback from the community is a large building block for the offers Cloudways has come out with over the last 10 years.Moeez shares the core differences between hosting platforms like Google Cloud, AWS, DigitalOcean, and Linode, along with who each solution serves best. If you’re a small blogger or startup online course website with around 1,000 to 1,500 visits per day, a DigitalOcean or Linode high-frequency server may be good enough for you, because it starts from $10-$13 per month, where you don’t need to be paying $30-$40 per month for a small website.At, you can learn more about how the Cloudways hosting platform can help you build your online course website on a budget and scale as students join your platform. They have a free area to book a demo where you can see the features Cloudways has to offer for your course or membership website. Thanks for joining us!

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Web Hosting Explained: Cloud, Shared, VPS, And Dedicated. What is The Difference? [Video]

Need to know the differences between web hosting plans? Here are some web hosting companies i recommend:Best Shared Web Hosting:GreenGeeks: DARREL – Provides 10% OffHostinger: (link+code darrel gives you 10% off ANY plan)Best Cloud Web Hosting:Namehero: (this link gives you 70% off)Hostinger: (link+code darrel gives you 10% off ANY plan)Siteground: Hosting: Self Managed Cloud HostingWp-Engine: (link gives you 25% OFF ALL Plans)Kinsta: HF): (Digital Ocean): VPS HostingLiquidweb: (code darrel35 gives you 35% OFF)Hostinger: (link+code darrel gives you 10% off ANY plan)Best Dedicated Web HostingLiquidweb: (code darrel35 gives you 35% OFF)Namehero: hoped this video help clear up what web hosting is and what package you might need. Everyone on the internet usually gets overwhelmed with all these different package types so i made it easy for you to understand web hosting. I would personally go with namehero cloud hosting for beginners or anyone with a medium traffic website.Thanks for watching! Feel free to visit my website at


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