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How to Make Evergreen Videos that Get Views & Subs FOREVER (grow a YouTube channel on autopilot) [Video]

How to Make Evergreen Videos that Get Views & Subs FOREVER (grow your YouTube channel on autopilot) Register for my LIVE Training May 07th 2021 (register here): Use code “salmasbuddy” for an extra 20% discountKeywordsEverywhere: https://keywordseverywhere.comYouTube Launch Pad: this video:00:00 – 02:20 What is an evergreen video?02:21 – 02:33 Introduction and Subscribe02:34 – 05:23 How an evergreen video grows over a long period of time (9 months)05:24 – 08:43 How an Evergreen Video looks 24 hours after publishing08:44 – 09:59 What happens to an evergreen video 48 hours after publishing10:00 – 11:44 What stats to read in an evergreen video 7 days after publishing11:45 – 15:10 Traffic sources for an evergreen video 90 days after publishing15:11 – 16:02 Traffic sources for an evergreen video 6 months later16:03 – 16:14 How an evergreen video brings views, watch time & subscribers indefinitely16:15 – 16:34 Viewer of the Week16:35 – 17:00 How to Make an Evergreen Video for YouTube (step-by-step)17:01 – 18:36 Step 1 to make an evergreen video18:37 – 21:33 Step 2 to make an evergreen video21:34 – 22:26 Step 3 to make en evergreen video22:27 – 23:25 How to get a featured snippet on Google (position zero)23:26 – 24:36 How featured snippets drive views to your youtube videos24:37 – 24:44 Question of the week: what was your most valuable takeaway from this video?24:45 – 25:48 Register for free live training on How to Launch your YouTube Channel25:49 – 26:07 Watch this nextWATCH NEXT:How I do Keyword Research for Videos: to Write Searchable Titles: to Rank your Videos: to Add YouTube Chapters: this video are evergreen content examples that will help you grow an evergreen youtube channel that gets views and subscribers over a long period of time. I’ll show you detailed analytics of how to rank your videos on google, how to get views on youtube for free, how to do video seo, and how to rank youtube videos fast. This is perfect if you want to learn video seo 2021 and video seo tools that will grow your channel in 2021.———————-FREEBIESJOIN MY FREE FACEBOOK GROUP to be a part of the community and ask questions: MY FREE YOUTUBE MASTERCLASS (How to Start a YouTube Channel with 0 Views and 0 Subscribers): 90-DAY VIDEO CONTENT PLAN (to help you get consistent and strategic with video creation): MY VIDEO SCRIPT TEMPLATE (to write compelling scripts that keep people watching): I USE TO RUN MY ONLINE BUSINESS & YOUTUBE CHANNEL:TUBEBUDDY to rank my videos Use code “salmasbuddy” for an extra 20% discount PLACEIT to make YouTube end cards, thumbnails, channel headers, promos, logos etc. Use my link for an extra 20% off: VIDEO to repurpose my video content across social media in various formats and sizes. Use my link for an extra 10% off: for custom audio, fonts, graphics, templates etc: to build my email list: use TEACHABLE to host my online courses and handle payment processing: PRODUCTS & SERVICESMy flagship course YOUTUBE LAUNCH PAD for anyone who wants to start and grow a personal brand on YouTube: MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY for those who want an affordable way to work with me or those who just want to support my work: coaching program YOUTUBE INTENSIVE – an 8 week immersive YouTube group coaching program designed to accelerate your success and hold you accountable – APPLY HERE: INQUIRIES: EQUIPMENT I USE TO MAKE VIDEOS:*this description may contain affiliate links. When you click them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products and services that I’ve used or have experience with.


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