Tech giants Apple and Amazon face backlash from MPs for ‘e-waste tsunami’ in the UK [Video]

Tech giants Apple and Amazon are among the companies accused by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) of contributing to the electronic waste tsunami in the UK and dodging their environmental responsibilities.

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Google Ads Adds 2% Tax To UK Advertisers. Why Google Is Passing The DST On & What To Do | From MOT 1 [Video]

In this clip from a special Marketing O’Talk show from Marketing O’Clock, we have some Google Ads Experts discuss the new 2% UK Google Ads tax that is being passed on to advertisers and what can be done. This includes the 5% tax for Turkey and the 5% tax for Austria.Listen in to this (or the full show: to hear from:Julie F Bacchini, President of Neptune Moon & Everyone’s Fav #ppcchat host Cruz, Digital Marketing Manager at the Fabulous KoMarketing T Saltarelli, Digital Marketing Manager at Cypress North (& Marketing O’Clock regular) Marketing O’Clock’s Christine Zirnheld (aka Shep) will be your host for the hour!, the full show is here: enjoy and subscribe to the podcast!