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How To Build Your First Online Course with Thrive Apprentice — in Minutes! [Video]

In this video, Christine shows you how to create online courses on WordPress with Thrive Apprentice.Learn more about Thrive Apprentice ➜ Thrive Suite ➜ Stamps:00:00 – Intro00:10 – An Example Course You Can Build with Thrive Apprentice01:55 – Thrive Apprentice Allows Fully Customizable Styling 02:12 – Installation & Setup02:45 – Choose Your School Homepage 03:12 – Thrive Apprentice School Setup Wizard07:06 – Configure the Settings Tab08:00 – Configure the Login and Access Restrictions Tab09:28 – Manage Restricted Content10:53 – Configure the Courses Tab11:31 – How To Create a New Course13:05 – Build Your Course Structure 15:48 – Set Your Course Access Restrictions17:18 – Create Course Bundles17:43 – Design Tab Overview19:12 – Edit Your School Templates22:53 – You’re Ready to Craft Online Courses Using Thrive Apprentice!If you have any questions about how to build an online course you can sell with Thrive Apprentice, make sure to leave them in the comments section below!


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