Squarespace Editing Changes Feb 2021 [Video]

Talking fast… because there is a lot to cover quickly! I wanted to give you a quick rundown of some of the design editing changes Squarespace made in February 2021 night of the Superbowl. Stick with me, hit pause, I am moving fast so you can get the knowledge and get editing!The nature of editing is still the same, just a little bit of a learning curve to find it.Video Notes: 2:06 Text Block2:24 Image Block (design, animation, linking, seo)6:16 Buttons6:36 Newsletter8:09 Getting that edit pencil to pop up! Training continued in our COMMUNITY. Join our COMMUNITY to see more at Global Animation Settings9:16 More on Newsletter (make a form pop up – light box)10:02 Footer 10:46 Colors Best Practices (how to not make your site look like a hot mess and choosing colors that make editing easier)The Squarespace platform is always changing and evolving with new features or refining existing features. We are working hard over here to make new videos as things change. If you want to be alerted with these changes instead of finding out when you login, join our COMMUNITY! you get value out of this video? Like and Subscribe! It let’s us know we are making content that is helping. Thanks for being here,


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