SQUARESPACE PRICING & VARIANTS (start selling online… FAST!)

Working on your DIY Squarespace store setup and trying to navigate the Squarespace Pricing & Variants tab? In order to have a successful online store, it’s important you don’t miss any steps when it comes to getting your products entered correctly. As a Squarespace Authorized Trainer and Squarespace Expert, I’m here to help walk you through all the settings in the Pricing & Variants tab and help you set your products up so you can start selling online… FAST!In this video I’ll go over: • How to customize product SKUs in Squarespace• How to set pricing for Squarespace products• How to set your Squarespace products on sale • How to set inventory numbers for your products• How (and why) to set weights for your Squarespace products• How to add product size options on Squarespace• How to add product color options on Squarespace• How to add BOTH size and color options to your products on SquarespaceIn Squarespace Store Setup mini-course ( you’ll also learn other important product setup steps like:• How to add SEO to your individual Squarespace products• How to customize the “Add to cart” button on your Squarespace products• & so much more! Make sure you’re subscribed to my channel for more Squarespace tutorial videos… Mentioned in this video:• How to add shipping costs on your Squarespace website (Flat rate vs. Depending on weight): say hey… Instagram: the Row: https://www.designingtherow.comMusic Biz Besties (FREE community for female musicians & industry professionals): & Personal blog (motivation, music, house projects… all the things): About me… Katherine Forbes is the founder of Nashville based website and brand design company, Designing the Row, whose client roster includes multiple Grammy winning and nominated artists. She is also the creator of a community of thousands of female musicians and industry professionals from around the world called Music Biz Besties. She’s served as co-producer for the International Bluegrass Music Awards, self-published a marketing workbook for musicians, and hosts a worldwide meetup series for women in music. Katherine believes that “your success depends on you taking action” and she’s passionate about motivating and encouraging others to do just that!