Step-by-Step Timeline: How to Self-Publish a Novel the RIGHT WAY [Video]

Write, beta read, query, edit, format, print, market, publish… it’s A LOT! This timeline shows how I’m publishing a novel in less than year.📚 READ MY BOOK and join my preorder waitlist w/ Carrie’s Book Club at and December 10 | release January 10Recommended resources:🌈 Betareading by Dan Hook:⭐️ Line editing by Pikko’s House:🌈 Illustrations by itommyfrank:🌈 Proofreading by immygrace:—————————————-⭐️ DOWNLOAD exclusive content:⭐️ MERCH (!!)🌈 GET HELP from me:🌈 LEARN from me: 🌈 WORK with me: 🌈 SIGN UP for Fiverr:🌈 EARN passive income as a Fiverr affiliate: 🌈 SUBSCRIBE to my channel: 🌈 SHOP my work-at-home must-haves:Blue blockers: Happy light: Journal: Moka pot: sleeve: External hard drive: 🌈 MUSIC from Epidemic Sound: *Rainbow emojis above denote affiliate links, so I may earn commission for clicks and purchases. It doesn’t cost you anything extra – thanks for supporting me and my channel!—————————————-Hi! I’m Carrieblogger, a full-time career freelancer on Fiverr Pro. Since I started in 2013, I’ve built up a sustainable, consistent business with a six-figure annual ‘salary’. I work as a copywriter and branding consultant for small to medium-sized brands around the world.I am an indie author self-publishing my debut fiction novel through Amazon KDP, Audible, and paperback print preorders that will be signed by the author and shipped directly. Learning how to self-publish a book is a lot of work, and it can feel really overwhelming. Publishing a novel is so worth it, though! Self-publishing my novel has been a dream come true so far and I can’t wait to officially reach pub day and publish my novel on Amazon. This self-publishing timeline and self-publishing beginner guide gives you a glimpse into the process. It’s not quite a self-publishing tutorial, but it will help self-publishing beginners and first time authors learn how to organize their schedule to publish on time and sell more books on Amazon. I’m committed to publishing the right way with traditional publishing quality through a self-published distribution model.


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