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How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market [Video]

Do you wish you could stay ahead of the competition on social media? If so, today’s class is all about how to make YOUR account stand out in a saturated market!To revamp your social media strategy, head to to receive a FREE 7 Day Content Planner, complete with 7 customizable caption templates designed to drive engagement and set you apart from the rest. 0:00 Hello + Welcome0:15 How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market 0:35 Ever Single One of Us Is Not the Only Person Doing What We Do 1:56 How Do You Differentiate Yourself2:50 It’s All About YOU3:58 You are Your Brand5:10 Your Life Doesn’t Have to Be Instagramable5:38 Continue Watching a Stranger on Stories Share Their Morning Routine or Iced Coffee Recipe 7:10 Click or Swipe Through When Someone Talks About a Product or Tries to Sell you Something8:09 Personalized Content is Sticky Content 8:30 About Me9:45 Why Would Someone Pay You10:05 Give Them a Reason to Connect With You 10:26 What Your Audience Wants11:25 My Most Engaging Posts12:28 Examples of Posts14:26 The More You Share About You Will Either Attract or Repel15:10 The More you Share The More Opportunities You Give to Your Audience To Connect with You15:45 Examples of About Me Posts17:01 Part 2 Working on Excellence 18:14 One of Seven Social Curator Categories 18:42 Can Social Curator Work For You? 18:56 Free Content Planner19:22 Q&A19:45 Knowing if Your Niche is Too Wide20:42 Why Would Someone Want to Know About Me Instead of My Business21:59 Balance of Business & Personal Posts23:40 Dealing With Copycats 24:41 How to Do This Presentation25:09 Don’t Want to Share About Friends or Family For Privacy Reasons26:10 Collaborate With Those in Your Market26:42 Longer or Shorter Content 27:48 Final Thoughts


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