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Ahead of the Game Podcast Episode 32: Brand Reboot Behind the Scenes | Digital Marketing Institute [Video]

In March 2020, top UK insurance brand Direct Line went ahead with a planned reboot of its successful brand. With a continued focus on the messaging of the brand as “fixers”, the character of Winston Wolf was replaced with a group of superheroes. Host Will Francis quizzes Mark Evans on their decision to change something that already worked, and how it panned out during a pandemic. They also look at why brand is so central to everything you do online and how it is perceived by your public, stakeholders, and your employees.Mark Evans is Director of Marketing and Digital at Direct Line Group and runs his own podcast, The Places We’ll Go Show.Subscribe to all DMI Ahead of the Game podcasts on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. And check out the DMI’s extensive knowledge library and join up for free: 00:00Tell us about the campaign, and what you were aiming to achieve? 1:25Did COVID-19 prevent you from launching the campaign? 5:00How important is creativity? 6:33Was there an insight you were given that allowed you to build a creative strategy? 8:25How did COVID affect the campaign? 9:50How did you bring this campaign to digital channels like PPC? 12:33How do you measure the success of a campaign? 14:25How do you pre-test a campaign? 16:17How does the brain work? 18:25The importance of psychology 21:00Did you use any new platforms or technology with this campaign? 22:55The importance of internal communication 24:25 How do you overcome the challenges of your sector? 29:45Is there a part of the population that brand marketing will never work on? 32:25What advice would you give to people who are looking to develop a digital brand? 37:00The global standard in digital marketing certification!The Digital Marketing Institute delivers unparalleled learning experiences. Gain an internationally recognized digital marketing certification. Develop your digital skills and advance your marketing career.Learn world-class knowledge. Develop skills in key marketing disciplines. From PPC to SEO, Analytics, Social Media, and more. Join our global members and get the skills that employers want and make your impact.Why choose Digital Marketing Institute?DMI is the proven global standard for digital marketing certification. We operate in 100+ countries and work with the global marketing teams of blue-chip brands and with the world’s leading education brands.Our programs are developed with our council of leading global marketers, so they are built and validated by industry, for the industry.#digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingcourse #digitalmarketingcareer #education #socialmedia #seo #ppc #DMIPRO #DigitalMarketingInstitute #GoogleAnalytics #marketingWebsite – https://digitalmarketinginstitute.comLinkedIn – – – –


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