Don’t Waste Another Dollar on eCommerce Gurus or Marketing Classes (Pryzebox Parody) [Video]

Head to the front of the class with this “secret weapon” for Shopify eCommerce store owners.Every night, you toss and turn, thinking about how you can generate more sales for your e-commerce business. You wake up early, grit your teeth, pound some coffee, and then stare at your monitor all day trying to generate more revenue desperately. When you started your own business, you never thought you would be creating a job for yourself that you didn’t like. Maybe it’s dull and repetitive, or maybe your boss is a jerk, or perhaps you just don’t want to spend so much time in the office. And the money? It’s OK, but you are the last to be paid. It’s hard to imagine ever being able to retire or even take a vacation.In this Pryzebox parody video, Johnny Sales, super eCommerce guru, will teach you about a super-secret enhancement for his Shopify store he added a few months ago. Before he did, his life was a lot like yours; pathetic. Today, he works when he wants, lives in the home of everyone’s dreams, and even owns a dope yacht and a fancy sports car. Since he started using this “secret weapon,” he’s multiplied his revenue ten times and created three more multi-million dollar businesses.Did I mention my flashy car? Gold chains?You’ll definitely want in on his “Brain-Dead Simple Shopify eCommerce Store Entrepreneur Mega Sales Booster Masterclass.”Learn more at


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