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Ahead of the Game Podcast Episode 27: The Value of Content | Digital Marketing Institute [Video]

Have we now reached the point where the average internet user accepts that good content is worth paying for?Host Will Francis and digital marketing expert and author Clark Boyd dissect the emergence of email newsletters and subscription services, and the rise of the “passion economy”, such as the popularity of Patreon. Step up your game and inspire those around you to maximize their potential too. If you are interested in hearing more, listen and follow us on Spotify: you interested in becoming a DMI Member? Check out the link for more info: 00:00Do people using the internet think the content on the internet is of enough value that people can start charging money? 1:36If your writing is making money on these sites, should someone leave their job so they can sell their work? 4:29Are people moving away from lower-value-free content? 7:10Do you think a customer would ever pay for a brand’s content? 10:33What is pushing the idea of the subscription-based model? 20:03What is the great unbundling? 24:20To what extent do marketers want to own the relationship with their audience, and do they need these huge social platforms? 28:10Should your business start charging for its content? 33:40What are microtransactions and will they start being adopted by companies? 37:17Talk to us about Patreon and “passion economy”? 41:14The global standard in digital marketing certification!The Digital Marketing Institute delivers unparalleled learning experiences. Gain an internationally recognized digital marketing certification. Develop your digital skills and advance your marketing career.Learn world-class knowledge. Develop skills in key marketing disciplines. From PPC to SEO, Analytics, Social Media, and more. Join our global members and get the skills that employers want and make your impact.Why choose Digital Marketing Institute?DMI is the proven global standard for digital marketing certification. We operate in 100+ countries and work with the global marketing teams of blue-chip brands and with the world’s leading education brands.Our programs are developed with our council of leading global marketers, so they are built and validated by industry, for the industry.#digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingcourse #digitalmarketingcareer #education #socialmedia #seo #ppc #DMIPRO #DigitalMarketingInstitute #GoogleAnalytics #marketingWebsite – – – – –


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