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Dont Let His Release Fool You, Cam Newton Can Still Play, By: Vinny Lospinuso – Denver Focus Blog [Video]

Denver Focus Vlogs From Zennie62 On YouTube Don’t Let His Release Fool You, Cam Newton Can Still Play, By: Vinny Lospinuso Post A Comment Blogger Comment using Blogger Facebook Comment using Facebook Disqus Comment using Disqus Popular Posts The Denver PostAvalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov will undergo hip surgery in Vail Thursday morning, and his 2016-17 […]

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What Is New Media To You? – 2008 WISE-SF Panel Intro Features Gavin Newsom And Carole Migden – Vlog [Video]

What Is New Media To You? – 2008 WISE-SF Panel Intro Features Gavin Newsom And Carole MigdenWhat Is New Media To You? – 2008 WISE-SF Panel Intro Features Gavin Newsom And Carole Migden In 2008 I created this video to open the panel discussion on “Blogs, New Media, and You: Managing Your Digital Identity” at the Women In Sports and Events AKA WISE-SF Panel Discussion, Monday, March 30th 2008 at The Hotel Kabuki, 1625 Post St. San Francisco, CA. In preparation for it, I asked a number of friends a simple question: “What is new media to you?” The people who responded included then San Francisco Mayor, now California Governor Gavin Newsom, and California State Senator Carole Migden. The panel itself emerged from an idea I shared with my friend, and then WISE President, Beth Schnitzer. I wanted to produce an all-woman panel of experts. Prior to that time, WISE SF panels were all-male or mostly male. I also wanted it to be a working event, where WISE members were encouraged to bring their laptops and ask questions. THE EVENT DETAILS FROM THAT TIME: A panel discussion featuring: Rebecca Weeks – Real Girls Media Cathy Brooks – Seesmic, Inc. Irina Slutsky – Geek Entertainment TV Christine Kerner – KOFY TV20 Leyla Farah – Cause+Effect PR Paula Storti – Worldwalk Media Stephanie Quilao – Back In Skinny Jeans Patti Mangan – Zennie Abraham – Sports Business Simulations 5:30 – 7:00 – Event Reception/Hosted food & beverages 7:00 – 8:00 – Panel Discussion 8:00 – 8:30 – Q & A (moderator) The OBJECTIVE: For each audience member to be at least encouraged to start a website or a blog, use their email signature to connect to them, and link it with several social network pages…and understand how to use this assembly, and the value of what they have personally and professionally. The secondary objective is pure networking. So the event will be one hour of networking followed by one hour of panel discussion. We open our doors to women who are part of the SF Bay Area New Media Industry to come to this event. There will be a raffle for a prize as well. WISE members are encouraged to bring friends, and as this is an open recruting meeting, we’re inviting you to come and become a member of Women In Sports and Events. See We will take questions from the audience that are relevant to the discussion at the time during the talk, and have a Q and A session for general questions afterward. 1. Topic One: What’s a Blog and Why Should I Have One, Versus a Website? a. What’s a blog good for? (Marketing yourself, or your firm, etc.) b. How do I start a blog? (Where does one go? I recommend because it’s free and easy to use; what’s your view? What’s “BlogHer” all about?) c. But I’m not a writer! (Some think that they have to take part of their day to blog; is that true?) d. What are some common blogging mistakes and misuse? e. If I’m starting a blog for my office, what should I avoid doing? 2. Topic Two: Ok. I Have This Blog, And Now I Am To Link It To A Facebook and Linkedin Page? Why? Isn’t That Dangerous? a. What do I need a Linkedin and Facebook Page For? (Business connections; discovering events of interest.) b. Do Successful Business People Use Linkedin and Facebook — or MySpace? (What folks like AOL founder Ted Leonsis get out of Facebook and Linkedin,) c. What are some common ways that people misuse Facebook and Linkedin? 3. I want to start an online community for my office; what do I do? a. How can I use the work-based online community to help my work? b. What are common ways that work-based online communities are misused? 4. Topic Three: I’ve Got A Blog, Facebook, and Linkedin Pages and an online community at work — Now I need YouTube? Can It Help Me? 5. Can I Make Money From All Of This? How? 6. OK. I’m set up with all of this, but I’m not getting a lot of traffic. What do I do? 7. What are “Internet Trolls” and what should I do about them? 8. Questions from the audience. For non-WISE members, the suggested donation was $20. WISE is a non-profit organization at Stay tuned.via YouTube


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