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Money Habits That Will Make You Wealthy [Video]

Let’s talk about some money habits I have picked up over my career that have helped me build wealth and money habits very successful business owners and entrepreneurs have that make them wealthy too.Sign up to Capital On Tap here: Entrepreneurs University 14 FREE Trail Here: to our Podcast Channel here: ME Instagram: @_jamessinclairLinkedIn: James SinclairWant to know more? Visit my website first money habit all successful wealthy people have is the habit of investing. They earn £1 and they put it to work. It’s as simple as that.In this video I share few different ways you can invest your income and turn it into wealth. Wealth begins to grow when you learn about fast pounds and slow pounds, it’s all about turning your income into assets.You can build wealth by living the 50:50 rule which is something I recommend or by living the 70:20:10 rule which is something Jim Rohn talks about.One very simple rule I mention in this video is as follows: Don’t buy anything you can’t afford to buy 3 times.The final money habit that will make you wealthy is about not saving to buy depreciating stuff. Use appreciating assets to purchase your fun.I hope these money habits have helped you structure a plan for building wealth. If you enjoyed this video please hit like, leave a comment below and subscribe for more money making advice.


Squarespace, Oatly seeking $10B valuations in public debuts [Video]

CNBC’s Leslie Picker takes a look at Squarespace’s direct listing and Oatly’s IPO, with both businesses seeking $10 billion valuations.


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