Black Friday Strategy & Prep| Marketing idea to create Urgency | Jewelry Business [Video]

#blackfriday #jewelrybusiness #entreprenuerlifeHey Girlies ,if your stopping by channel for the first timemy name is Christina welcome to my jewelry business/vlog channel, join the girl boss crew! in todays video I am preparing for black friday sale! for my jewelry brand , I am creating content, newsletter, organizing my space and sitting down and talking about black friday strategy that can help you take the pressure off and sale your product. I appreciate all the love and don’t forget to watch the whole video and my ad break! love ya xoxochristina fashionTimeline:Packing orders: 00:55Black Friday chit chat: 01:23Giveaway winners : 06:49Amazon Items: 08:12Marketing idea to create urgency in sales : 10:00MY WEBSITE: Shop my jewelry + get 20% off use code: YOUTUBEhttps://www.bestgirlstore.comMY SOCIALS: AMAZON BUSINESS FAVESjewelry wipes: printer: label: Mailer: bin: box: More vendor video:Step by step on how to find vendor| orders| Marketing to sell out| 23What I’m studying: MarketingMy fave things to do: Travel, go for drinks, netflix & work outPartnership & Collab with me: christinasummer88@gmail.com30% off your first 3 months with Bench :

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Sales prospecting videos in 2022 and beyond | Video First Ep07 [Video]

Yaniv Siegel, Vidyard’s EMEA Sales Manager, describes what sales prospecting videos you should be making based on data they’re seeing.Check out our other Digital 22 podcasts here: out our Digital 22 video hub: a glimpse behind the scenes at D22 life, then check out our Vlog series: us on social:


A New Online Career Path: Make 6 Figures Working From Home | Ecommerce Marketing Agency & Freelancer [Video]

Unveiling A New Accelerated Online Career Path…Robert Allen teaches us How To Make 6 Figures Working From Home.This interview is perfect for folks in the Ecommerce and Shopify Ecosystem, especially for marketing agencies and freelancers.In this video, you’ll learn:- A new path that’s emerging in the ecommerce space right now that very people know about- Why it’s a shortcut for breaking into the C-suite’s earning power… while still being a solo operator or agency owner- How to use this career path to help with client retention and scaling any service based business- Exact people to follow, skills to acquire and milestones to accelerate this process- Advanced email marketing tips. Upsell scripts. And advertising strategies that even non-media buyers can leverage.- And a BUNCH morePlease share your feedback in the comments section and toss this video a like.Make sure to follow Rob on Twitter here: subscribe to his newsletter here: #career #6figures #ecom #ecomm #chasedimond #robertallen

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The Best Marketing Strategy No One is Focusing On [Video]

This is a clip from my talk at the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2021 in San Diego. My presentation was titled: How to Convert Your Casual Audience into Superfans.The future of business is about building community, and within it, Superfans. And these Superfans become the best marketing team that you could ever ask for, and you won’t have to hire them or pay them to make it happen. Think about the things you’re a fan of, and imagine just how much more free marketing happens because you love it.Check out the Traffic and Conversation Summit here: to podcasts? Here are a couple of podcasts that I personally host (with over 65 million combined downloads) that will help you on your online business journey:The Smart Passive Income Podcast: (these are real life business coaching calls):, have you thought about starting your own podcast? Check out my famous podcasting tutorial here on YouTube, the #1 podcasting tutorial on the platform: podcasting equipment I use: video and live streaming equipment:, follow me at these places below and say hi!Personal site: http://www.patflynn.comInstagram:, and as always, #teamflynnforthewinMusicbed SyncID: MB01NFJO8AER7YY


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Now is the time to be thinking about your business’s future. Take this opportunity to build a following, get people into your sales funnel and nurture the relationships so they’ll buy from you when they’re ready. If you’d like to see how an Automated Video Curation strategy can work for you, book a free call […]