My UX critique on Justin Bieber’s house of drew website [Video]

My 2 cents, as a product designer, on the website of JB’s ecommerce brand House of Drew.🌟 Hello 🌟I’m Lily, a product designer (TLDR; I design apps) currently working at a startup in San Francisco. Subscribe to join me on my Silicon Valley journey!Get your weekly design challenge ↠ my private discord community ↠ I landed my $215k offer (mini course) ↠👩🏻‍💻 Connect with meInstagram ↠ ↠ ↠✉️ Professional InquiriesBook 1:1 time with me ↠📚Favorite design booksAbout Face (my design Bible): Design Decisions (most underrated design book I’ve read): (how to become BFFs with your PM): list of books on📷 Recording EquipmentMy Main Camera: mic: 12 Pro Max (for TikToks, IG, vlog): light (best value imo):


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