shopify speed optimization bangla tutorial | By Code Optimization [Video]

#CodemanBD One of the nice parts about Shopify is that your store does come with some speed optimizations out of the box. After creating a new Shopify site, you’ll find that the following performance features should already be implemented:Choose A Lightweight Shopify ThemeReduce Large Image SizesCompress ImagesReplace GIFs With Static ImagesLazy Load ImagesLimit Third Party JavaScript & Shopify AppsMigrate Tracking Codes To Google Tag ManagerRun Your Store Through Google PageSpeed InsightsSee Our Platforms & Contact Details: ================================➤ Our Online Freelancing Course Details:➤ Our Students Successful profiles:➤ See Our Students Success Stories:➤ Get Premium Themes & Plugins free (By Us):➤ Minhazul Asif’s Facebook Profile:➤ Minhazul Asif’s Facebook Page:➤ Minhazul Asif’s Personal Blog:➤ Our Course FB Page:➤ Minhazul Asif’s Phone: 88-01871-993300 (WhatsApp)➤ Minhazul Asif’s Email:,


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