I Bought a MENTALLY INSANE PERSONS Storage Unit! Please HELP ME! [Video]

Today we purchased a $110 abandoned storage unit that had been canceled eight times in the past. This means that the former owner of the storage unit had spent $1,000+ trying to save whatever is was inside this unit! Wait until you see in this storage unit!Welcome Back To Treasure Hunting With Jebus!Subscribe to our second channel: a Member Here To Participate In Our Live Auctions! us on social media:Twitter: your Treasure Hunting With Jebus merch right here!Merch: out our clothing items here:Poshmark:**If you are new to Poshmark use referral code JEBUS_TREASURES to get $10 towards your first purchase**WANT TO SEND US SOMETHING?Treasure Hunting With JebusPO Box 3775Glen Allen, VA 23058#StorageWars #eCommerce #TreasureHuntingWithJebus


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