STEP 10.2. E-Commerce Marketing Foundation – C971 Shopify E-Commerce Blueprint UAE & Middle East [Video]

Step10 of our 10 Step Shopify E-Commerce Blueprint. What is marketing and how is it used to help build your brand and business without being over the top? Learn all in this course.You still have questions? Write a comment with your question and we will answer it for you or reach out directly to our Dubai office info@creative971.comLearn more about E-Commerce with our DIY Masterclass online training: STEP C971 Shopify E-Commerce Blueprint UAE & Middle EastSTEP 1 Company Setup (Intro: 1.1. E-Commerce Business License Types: 1.2. E-Commerce License Details: 1.3. E-Commerce License Expert Advice: 2 Payment Gateways (Intro: 2.1. What is a Payment Gateway?: 2.2. Payment Gateways in UAE & region: 3 Delivery & Logistics (Intro: 3.1. Delivery & Logistics how it works: 3.2. Delivery & Logistics Providers: 3.3. Shopify Fulfillment Center: 4 Inventory & Accounting (Intro: 4.1. How to manage your Inventory: 4.2. Accounting & Software: 5 Market Research (Intro: 5.1. E-Commerce Market Research: 5.2. Understand your target Industry: 5.3. Get to know your Customer: 5.4. Get to know your Competition: 6 Customer Behavior (Intro: 6.1. Shift of Consumer Habits: 6.2. Generations and purchase habits: 6.3. Purchase Inspirations: 6.4. Omni-Channel explained: 7 Branding (Intro: 7.1. Branding Essentials: 7.2. Define your Brand: 7.3. Branding Case Study: 8 Website Structure (Intro: 8.1. Website Structure: 9 How to Increase conversions (Intro: 9.1. How to improve Conversions: 9.2. Recommended Shopify APP’s: 10 Marketing (Intro: 10.1. Marketing: 10.2. E-Commerce Marketing Foundation: 10.3. Lead Generation: Creative971Your #1 Shopify Agency in Dubai, UAE and the whole Middle East.Creative971 was founded in Dubai 2016 and dedicated all its expertise into E-Commerce on Shopify and Shopify Plus within the Middle East. Creative971 is the leading Shopify Agency and an official Shopify Plus Agency certified and listed by Shopify Plus. Creative971 is owned and managed by the German siblings Julia and Nico. _________________________DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice we provide is purely based on our own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion. This is not get rich quick.


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