How to import your deals from Shopify into MASHA●● eCommerce [Video]

Our vision is to offer marketing & sales tools to brands and local businesses. Not to create another Shopify or another Amazon.Our platform adds value to your online shop, it doesn’t replace it.Tools that generate more sales and less work.Therefore we made it super easy when you have a Shopify shop to import your deals onto our platform (without re-entering them again)Link:●● STEP BY STEP1. Go to your Shopify Dashboard2. Click on Discounts (left menu)3. Click on Export (right top)4. Select Plain CSV file5. Click Export Discount Codes6. Wait for the email to arrive and download the file7. Go to your MASHA●● Dashboard8. Go to Deals9. Click Imports Offers10. Select your Shopify CSV file + click Import●● WHAT & WHO IS MASHA? #ecommerce #shopify


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