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Why create mini-courses for sell online course? [Video]

5 advantages to create mini-course for marketing1. Create a mini course to help you market yourself and your business2. This will help you brand yourself, which will help you create authority in your niche3. It helps to sell your products and services better by showing clients that you are an expert in the field4. If you have an established audience, then it is easy to sell them on a product or service because they trust you5. Mini-courses allow for a more in depth look at the material so that you can show your audience how valuable your teaching isMini-courses can be used for many purposes. Some popular use-cases are using them as a course trailer for a paid long course, or for testing course ideas before deep dive into larger course, or as an follow-up tool with clients & followers, or as lead magnets.You can use https// for create mini-courses easily.You can answer this questions on this video. How to sell an online course?How to sell courses online?#sellocoursesonline #sellonlinecourses#bestwaytosellcourse#mini-course#onlinecourse#coursecreator


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