We Did It! | Cooking All the Kick Butt Thanksgiving Day Food [Video]

Today is Thanksgiving and we are eating nonstop! We get an early start and the kids help make breakfast. While we watch the parade we build with Lincoln Logs. James is a natural! Next up… Appetizers! We have some of our traditional favorites AND try out some new recipes. It’s our first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Mom would be proud! After some pie we leave with very full bellies. Today was heavy, but fulfilling. We are so thankful for all of YOU. Happy Thanksgiving!Tik Tok Turkey Recipe: Dopey Challenge American Cancer Society Donation Page: Box:BrookhartPO Box 1199Chicago, IL 60690Business inquiries: tbp32830@gmail.comHi! We are Peter, Sarah, and James Brookhart and we live in Chicago, Illinois. Our cute little puppy’s name is Eve. Together we strive to find the extraordinary in ordinary life. You can find us on social media here:Facebook: @thebrookhartprojectTwitter: @TheBrookhartsGet 15% off your Expedition Roasters order with coupon code: Brookhart15Arcadia – Wonders by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( : Roa – MemoriesWatch : / Download : : #thanksgivingdayspecial #thanksgivingtraditions #dailyvlog #nosmallcreator


Empty Shelves | Food Shortages | Holiday Shopping | Turkey, Toys in Houston, Texas November 3, 2021 [Video]

Where is the turkey for Thanksgiving? And the children’s toys for Christmas? am taking you grocery shopping at my local warehouse Costco in the greater Houston area.I was looking for a turkey and other holidays items for the Thanksgiving family meal, as well as toys for kids in preparation for Christmas. I will take you through the cold and frozen meat aisles looking for a turkey. Nowhere to be found! I went back a few days later on November 7, and some of the delicacy meat was already gone, and still no turkey to be found. Look at the prices as well. Some prices have really gone up. Similar shelves with the toys. Few toys, mostly unsold from previous years. Where are the new toys?We will also look for coffee and fresh produce as well as items to stock up as some items were low or out of stock. Going through the aisles, I started noticing some low stock for certain items. Now that the supply chain break down has finally made it to the main medias, people are starting to stock up.Be prepared!#foodshortages#foodshortages2021#emptyshelves#preppers#supplychain