Death of a Game: Warcraft III Reforged [Video]

Go to for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.Shout out to Wtiiwarcraft & Grubby for their amazing videos on the subject too.Merch: Bundle: . Death of a Game is a series dedicated to uncovering the mysteries surrounding the death of a game or company. nerdSlayer defines the term “death” in the context of the show as either… 1. Literally dead. 2. Had a mass exodus of players and never recovered (expectations etc). 3. The company ceased to exist. We follow a timeline of events, to uncover clues concerning why a game or company doesn’t do well, and attempt to put it all together at the end for a deduction explaining how or why the game failed based on the evidence gathered.Sources:–so-why-did-blizzard-rush-it-out/?sh=2b7f93f82c87–so-why-did-blizzard-rush-it-out/?sh=2b7f93f82c87


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