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SEO Tutorial using Google Sites 2022 [Video]

SEO Tutorial using Google Sites 2022How to setup new Google site for SEO benefit. I will walk through each of the elements that need to be added to your Google site along with the structure of your Google website. I will start with the home page of your Google website and move through to each of the pages on the site and how to internally link these elements for the best search engine optimization for your business. All elements that I will discuss come right from the Google product line. This includes your YouTube videos along with the Forms, Sheets, Maps, My-Maps, Docs, Forms and more. Creating and building a Google website.This is the step by step tutorial to getting your Google website in optimal position for rankings. If you have future questions related to local search or how to build a Google website for maximum rankings on Google please feel free to ask below. Google sites are free and the old version has been discounted but Google sites still have a ton of use. You get a complimentary website through Google with SSL and the sites have quite a lot of features for a free service that is hosted by Google.#lseotutorial #googlesites #chrispalmerse00:00 SEO Tutorial Google Sites 202210:00 SEO Tutorial20:00 How to build a website with Google Sites30:00 Walkthrough using Google Sites40:00 Search Engine Optimization for Google site1:58:00 SEO Tutorial for Google SitesChris Palmer Marketing – Chris Palmer SEO30 W Broad St fl2Tamaqua PA 18252(570) 810-1080


How To Use Google Sites For ECommerce | Simple Tutorial (2022) [Video]

How To Use Google Sites For ECommerce (2022)In this video I show you How To Use Google Sites For ECommerce. This is super easy and learn to do it in just a few minutes by following this helpful tutorial.If this tutorial helped you out please consider leaving a like & commenting down below if this works! Thank you so much!contact us: