Beginners Guide To Basic Shopify Store Marketing 2021 [Video]

Use these 2 methods to start Shopify Store Marketing 2021!💰 Want To Connect With Me 1-on-1 To Significantly Improve Your Business? Book A Call 👉’s time to start marketing the store you created from the last video. 👉 is an essential piece for any business no matter what you do! I am very excited for you to start bringing in traffic to your store.One of my favorite traffic and growth methods is leveraging Instagram to generate mass amounts of free traffic and sales. In fact, my first successful store was launched using this strategy and is still around today making me passive income.Naturally, I get asked how I do this on a daily basis. So I figured I’d film this quick video showing exactly how I do it and while doing so, I also thought it might be a good idea to show you how to set-up Facebook ADs!In this video, I show you step by step how I create a brand new Instagram account and set up the profile for conversions, the best content to find and post as well as the captions that should go with it. After that, I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook page for your business, linking your Shopify store and setting up IOS14 requirements. I will then be showing you how to create your very first Facebook AD Campaign! In my next video, I will be showing winning products you should be selling and HOPEFULLY announcing our giveaway winner(s)!Don’t forget to comment and claim your course access!LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE – Lets get to 1,000 Likes & Subscribers!Important Links:Canva – – – – To The Channel – me on TikTok – @ecommichaelDM me on IG – @_ecommichael#Shopify #Instagram #Marketing #eCommerce #ecomarmy


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