Forex Trading Vlog #21: How to Determine a Better-Quality Trade Setup [Video]

Hey Everyone! This week has been a slow week for me when it comes to trade entries so its important to sit on your hands! Its at times like this you have to be patient and determine your better quality trade setups. In this video I go over how to determine a good trading setup and something that is higher quality in breaking it down on GBPAUD. I am thinking about doing these midweek videos live but want to hear from you guys and see what you think.😀😀My socials will be listed below so feel free to reach out!😀😀 Also, just a quick head’s up a new episode of my Podcast was released this this past week and the link is below so check it out! Hit that like and subscribe button if this video is helpful to you at all.0:00 Start00:35 GBPAUD (Possible Pullback/Trend Trade, Bearish and Bullish Gartley Patterns)08:53 GBPJPY (Trade Update, Trend Continuation Setup, Possible Head and Shoulders)15:19 AUDCAD (Breakout and Pullback Trade)19:40 USDJPY (Bullish Bat, Possible Bullish Day Trend Trade)For my podcast go to:Spotify: @raymondljeffries @forex_faction No part of this video or any of the content in it is legal financial advice. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational-purposes only.