“Facebook Ads Changed The Game For Me” 🔥 Ecommerce Marketing 2021 [Video]

Vamp LIVE Marketing specializes in building and scaling e-commerce businesses. Check out some of our work and schedule a free marketing strategy call with our team here👇https://www.vamplivemarketing.comIn this episode of Boutique Bosses we interview our student Mmii Orji who owns a luxury e-commerce brand named B.FREEDOM. If you’re looking for some tips on marketing your online boutique and how to build a successful e-commerce business this is must watch!If you’re worried about the iOS 14 update and if Facebook ads still work this is definitely a must watch!Check out B.FREEDOM👇https://shopbfreedom.comNeed some 🔥 marketing strategies for your ecommerce business? Check out Vamp LIVE Marketing👇Website: https://www.vamplivemarketing.comInstagram: email:

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5 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid [Video]

Struggling to improve Facebook ad results? Are you making these costly mistakes? Discover the five Facebook ads mistakes that cost you time, money, and results, from marketing expert Emily Hirsh. You’ll also find a proven structure for testing new Facebook ads so you know, for certain, what’s working.🔔 Subscribe for More Social Media Marketing Tactics —🚀 Visit Emily’s Website for More Facebook Marketing Tips– 🔗 Find Resources and Tools Mentioned In this Episode– Facebook Ads Budgeting: How to Forecast Your Costs– How to Use Facebook Ads And Organic Content to Build Awareness 🎧 Subscribe to The Social Media Marketing Podcast–💡 Wondering How Fellow Marketers Are Using Social Media? — Download our Industry Report: Intro00:29 #1 Facebook Ads Mistake: Budgeting01:10 #2 Facebook Ads Mistake: Testing01:49 #3 Facebook Ads Mistake: Control02:43 #4 Facebook Ads Mistake: Metrics03:09 #5 Facebook Ads Mistake: Expectations03:51 Split Testing Recommendations#SocialMediaMarketing #FacebookAds #FacebookMarketing


$100k on Shopify – Here’s How [Video]

#shorts$100,000 on Shopify in 7 days using Facebook Ads – here is how we did it.🚀 Join Chase Chappell’s inner circle:⚡️ Want Chappell Digital Marketing to manage your Facebook ads, Google Ads, Amazon Ads, or YouTube Ads for you? Click here to sign up for a call:💥 Join my Facebook Ad Experts community group for free:🔭 Enjoy my content? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for new content weekly:💳 Want to increase ad spend and earn 4X points? Chase Chappell has a partnership and VIP artist relations manager who can get you approved for an AMEX card with no ad spend limits or caps. Direct Message me on Instagram asking about the AMEX VIP and I can connect you. Chase Chappell:Facebook’s Preferred Ad Partner$10M Under ManagementAdvisor for $189.5M+ in spend across Facebook’s productsFounder of, Chappell Digital, Chappell Training. #marketing #business


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Now is the time to be thinking about your business’s future. Take this opportunity to build a following, get people into your sales funnel and nurture the relationships so they’ll buy from you when they’re ready. If you’d like to see how an Automated Video Curation strategy can work for you, book a free call […]