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Takefusa – Music Portfolio for DJs with Bootstrap HTML Website Template by Niheba [Video]

This portfolio website template, was made for artists especially for passionate DJs, it contains three languages (English, Spanish and France), You can add, delete and edit all information you see in the page. This website was made with Bootstrap (5.0) and Fullpage.js a popular framework for create awesome parallax templates. Scroll down will show you a new page, other and other time. The website was made with a responsive design, compatible with the most of browsers and with a modern design based on DJ party. now a list with incluided things that the website has:Your name of title in the top of the page.First page that presents his famous phrase.Change the lenguage of all website (English, spanish and France)The posibility of incluided more than 3 languages.Description about your job/history.Short video with sound showing a pieze of your job.Short labels with bit information about your social networks and redirecting to your. (Instagram, Twitter, etc…)Contact form for a party, job, etc… contains Name, email and message, and right image (Can by your or pieze of your job).Successful contact page.This website was made by Niheba, a group of professional web developers, you can contact us in , for help, you don’t understand something, etc… Thanks for your time.Buy this template at

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Lead From The Heart | John 15:15 | How to Lead [Video]

In this video I am sharing how we can lead from the heart. What can you do to manage and cultivate good relationships (especially in leadership)? First and foremost, you must stop putting yourself in a position that you see yourself as a higher status than the people you surround yourself with. We are offered a great example of this in john 15:15 (NLT)John 15:15’I no longer call you servants, because a master doesn’t confide in his servants. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me. ‘For you to cultivate strong relationships with people do these three things1. Listen to understand people. If you deal with every person the same way. Then you will continue to meet the same results. Rather than learning to deal with multiple personality type to improve your connection. For example there are four personality types in the DISC model… if you only understand one of them, at best your will sell or connect with 25% of the people. If you understand all four types, then you have a chance at engaging with 100%2. Love people. In leadership we have to have empathy and connection with people. That was Jesus’ number one rule. Love me, love others… there is no replacement for genuine caring. I am a firm believer that you cannot be an effective leader if you don’t have a genuine care and love for the people that are working with you.3. Help people produce results. This broadens and deepens any relationship. But especially one when you are in a leadership role. If you help your team to produce, then this affects their livelihood and is one of the most valuable expressions of real caring.—▶️ Subscribe to My Channel Here –—🛒 SHOP THE LEAD THE TEAM SHOP!!👉👉👉 #Motivation #Education🔥 Thank you for watching 🔥—➡️ NOW an AMAZON Affiliate! – 👍—I hope that you keep up with the website, social media, and me, Mike Phillips, making the magic happen online.—I enjoy public speaking on motivation, goal setting, and sales training. Getting others pumped and fired up. I love any area involving personal development and being able to grow and push others to the top of their game.My areas of expertise in business include: Sales Training, Motivational Training, Leadership Training, Social Media Marketing, Individual Negotiation, Finance, Lender and Loan Negotiation, Business Management Consulting, Blogging, Podcasting, Digital Video (YouTube), Contract Law.—-NOW ON SPOTIFY!➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Let’s connect! I’m online here:Facebook:🔵 My Main Website:🔵 My Personal Website:🔵 Podcast:—-** Affiliate disclaimer: Some of the links listed go to my websites and some are affiliate links which may generate me a sales commission if you make a purchase.


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