Best Email Marketing For eCommerce | Mailchimp vs Klaviyo (2021) [Video]

Want to know the best email marketing for eCommerce beginners? This video will be comparing Mailchimp vs Klaviyo – two of the most popular email marketing platforms for beginners, and going over the pros and cons for each. Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing platforms for eCommerce so definitely consider using it if you haven’t already. Hope you find this useful! :)Sign up to my new free monthly newsletter where I share marketing hacks and my favourite new resources for growing your online business: to work together so we can create a unique marketing/growth strategy for your business? Book a free consultation call here: – Timestamps00:16 – Mailchimp pros0:58 – Mailchimp cons1:39 – Bonus tip: the power of A/B testing2:35 – Klaviyo pros4:57 – Klaviyo cons5:56 – How to decide which to choose#emailmarketing #ecommerce #onlinebusiness


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