eCommerce inside LINE Messenger [Video]

full video avaialble on IGTVWhat is the easiest way to attract those travellers to your business without spending a massive budget on marketing, development and coding?●● eCommerce Marketing Tools Link Messenger is a Japan-based, cross-platform mobile messenger app. Not only is LINE is the most used Messenger app and in Japan, as well in Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia, with over 165 million monthly active users worldwide.Our vision at Push AI is to bring eCommerce anywhere everywhere; that’s why we integrate with many messengers apps, including LINE Messenger.According to preliminary figures from the Immigration Service Agency of Japan, the number of Japanese overseas travellers in April 2021 accounted for 35,905, +817.1% compared to April 2020.What is the easiest way to attract those travellers to your business without spending a massive budget on marketing, development and coding?When you create a merchant account on Masha.AI, add your deals and products or gift cards, all is done automatically.Translation, pushing your brand or business into LINE Messenger and more.Our commitment to brands and local businesses is to bring their deals, products & services in front of their future customers inside the Apps they already use.How does it work in reality? Let me show you how Japanese customers can find the latest deals from the Swiss luxury brand Montblanc.On the left, you will see the Japanese version; on the right, the English version.Reference:Japanese outbound tourists Statistics – Tourism Statistics ….


How COVID 19 Has Transformed The Ecommerce Industry | Meghan Stabler, BigCommerce [Video]

Listen to Meghan Stabler as she shares the state of the ecommerce industry today, predictions as we move forward, and how to delight your customers during the pandemic.BigCommerce’s Make it Big Conference is a free, three-day virtual event for ecommerce professionals, retailers and entrepreneurs looking to build, innovate and grow their business. The virtual conference, now in its third year, features 21 expert-led sessions that registrants can stream on-demand each day. Watch more on-demand Make it Big sessions here: Stabler is the Vice President of Global Product Marketing and Communications at BigCommerce, where she lleads these teams to enable businesses of all sizes to sell more, sell faster and sell everywhere using the #1 eCommerce SaaS Platform for SMB, MM and Enterprise merchants. Meghan is a business executive, a transsexual woman, a national LGBT speaker and advocate, advisor at CA Technologies and Working Mother’s Working Mother of the Year. ____More about Meghan’s Make it Big 2020 session:BigCommerce’s Meghan Stabler shares how COVID-19 has transformed the ecommerce industry.At the beginning of 2020, ecommerce was growing. More users were shopping on mobile, big marketplaces such as Amazon were increasing and an uptick in Cyber Five holiday traffic was to be expected.Insert COVID-19. The pandemic brought with it a change in consumer habits. As the world began to accommodate for its “new normal”, a few new trends emerged. Consumers not only wanted to survive – but to thrive – in their home environments.Here are a few key takeaways from Meghan on post-pandemic ecommerce — – Hyper-personalization is the next normal.- Make sure your platform is stable and available for increased traffic.- The combination of bricks and clicks is advantageous for both merchants and shoppers.- Communicate to customers with transparent, relevant information.- Think about content and commerce as a blend, especially with user-generated content.____Begin your free trial with BigCommerce today: more BigCommerce resources:Explore BigCommerce Features: About BigCommerce: Blog: Community: Developer Center: us on social:BigCommerce Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Partners Twitter: Developers Twitter:


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