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I kept going to the same thrift store and still found easy money! [Video]

i kept going to the same thrift store and still found easy moneyEBAY STORE LINK! ——— a coffee – Gear While at yard salesGo PRO 8 – mount for Go Pro – body bag that im wearing – CAMERA – Cannon ZV -1 = LIGHT – STUFFSHIPPING SCALE – BAG BOXES – used box ever – 4XL – stuff I useFoam Head – Racks – Lights for youtube –

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PINAY MOM LIFE USA VLOG • WINTER IS COMING (FLORIDA EDITION😂) + CHILL DAY SANA BUT… Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.LET’S CONNECT!Facebook Page: @gelinefusinaTwitter: @gelinefusinaEmail: (for business/collaboration/project inquiries) Blog/ Website: https://gelinefusina.comMy YouTube Equipment: My camera: batteries + charger: microphone: windscreen for my external mic: tripod: tripod: light: that I use:*These are Amazon affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you click the links and make purchases; it’s not going to be of charge to you but will greatly help me in continuing to create content for you. I’m Geline and I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, Associates in Entrepreneurship, and a Certified Digital Marketer, with 10 years of small business, online marketing and work from home/ make money from home experience. I teach and help small businesses and resellers how to stand out online through YouTube content production & marketing. This channel takes you through my reselling journey, building multiple income streams for myself & my family which will hopefully inspire and motivate you to build yours!Xoxo,Geline :)geline fusina, mommy geline vlogs, work at home mom, work from home mom, work from home mom day in the life, pinay life usa, filipina in florida, filipina in usa, pinay in america, ilongga vlogger, ilongga journey usa, filipina mommy vlogger, filipina mom life in america, filipina married to american, mommy vlogger, mommy vlogs, mom vlog channels, mom vlogs channel, online business from home, ebay selling, ebay business, mommy income, online business for housewives, online business for women, filipina vlogger, filipina vlog, filipina vlogger sa america, filipina blogger in america, filipina vlog in america,


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