Selling photo prints on Squarespace easily using Fine Art America [Video]

In this video I show you a very easy way to sell prints of your photos online and worldwide via your own Squarespace website using a well-known print on demand (POD) website known as Fine Art America. FAA is just one of many PODs where you can sell your photos as prints, but what is great about FAA is that you also get your own unique microsite that you can direct your customers to in order for them to make purchases. It’s easy to integrate this into your Squarespace website and you can link potential customers directly to the product page for any photo, allowing them to choose from multiple products. Customers from anywhere in the world can purchase here. To sign up, visit their website: https://www.fineartamerica.comSubscribe to my newsletter: my book, A Practical Guide to Photography here: me a coffee: my videos, tutorials and articles are provided free of charge. But you are welcome to buy me a coffee to help keep them coming.Follow me:Website: Blog: Blog: Page: prints: by Hooksounds: Get great music for your videos from Hooksounds by using my (affiliate) link and use the exclusive code IAN10 for 10% off subscriptions. Tube Buddy to improve your YouTube videos here (Affiliate link): #sellphotoprints #squarespace


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